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Stay Connected Subscribe to our mailing list. More Motif es8 To Pay. Before my purchase I did an extensive research to find out which brand has the best sounds.


The motif was a head and a shoulder above all of them regarding the sound quality. Recently I tested motif es8 Motif XF against the Korg kronos patch comparison and the quality of the Motif sounds were better.

Yamaha MOTIF ES8 Review

Of course Motif es8 know that this quality thing is totally subjective. The specification is something on the paper but you have to listen to the sounds.

Motif is a deep machine and you can tweak the sounds and you have limitless options. I would guess the only disadvantages for some would be its weight, but since I use it in studio it's not a disadvantage for me. I ask myself, Do you really need that motif es8 synth?

Yamaha Motif ES

I guess only you yourself will be able to answer this question, as for me, I feel it worth every penny. Yamaha has truly created something very special with lots of polyphony, motif es8, sounds, as well as lots of room for expansion. And I must say that I really like the expansion board feature on the ES8 keyboard.

With such a feature I'm not limited to what is originally offered. From the Price Guide Sell Yours. Reviews for the Yamaha Motif ES 8. Write a Product Review. VOX, Synthesizer Continental Korg, Arranger Keyboard PA Subscribe Our Newsletter Get regular updates by motif es8.

The actual recording and editing process is roughly the same in both, in that up to 16 channels of MIDI data can be recorded motif es8 step or real time, with user control over global sequencing parameters such as time signature, tempo, input quantise, and so on. Post-recording editing functions almost equal those in a dedicated software sequencer, except that you have to edit via the Motif ES's relatively small display, of course! What's more, the Fantom S offers the option of connecting a mouse and monitor, and the Triton features Korg's nifty touchscreen, which helps OS navigation and parameter editing more than you might think.

Yamaha MOTIF ES8 – Enlab

Standard editing functions such as quantise, transpose, velocity- and gate-time motif es8, and cut, paste and delete are joined in Pattern mode by a couple motif es8 nifty functions. It's a good trick to apply to tracks on which samples have been recorded and split more on sample tracks in a moment. P The beefed-up sequencer transport controls and mode-selection buttons. Photo: Mark Ewing attern mode feels, as it did on the original Motif, as if it's borrowed from a home arranger-style keyboard. If you've used pattern-based sequencing on a drum machine or hardware sequencer before, you might find some of the terms confusing; the 64 available 'Patterns' are here merely the memory locations in which you store sequence data.


Within each Pattern memory, you can have up to 16 different 'Sections', which more closely resemble what were called patterns in drum machines and sequencers of years gone by. Each Section, which can be up motif es8 bars long on the Motif ES, can have a completely motif es8 set of Voices assigned to each track, if desired, with full mixing facilities: level and pan, three-band EQ, eight insert effects freely assignable as you need them, two send effects, plus the master effects and master EQ.

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The integrated sampling sequencer really comes into its own here: not only can Voices be assigned to sequencer tracks, but sampled audio can be recorded there, too, for something not a million miles away from hard disk motif es8 without the hard disk. The upshot is that it's pretty easy to create anything from a scratch backing track to a fully fledged composition.

Each Pattern motif es8 now contains a chain function only one pattern chain was motif es8 on the original Motifwhich is used to determine the order in which the sequenced Sections you've created will be played back. If your Sections have different Voices assigned to tracks, then the changes show up as program changes. While chaining, it's possible to change mixer settings, so a single Section could be the basis for a whole track with muting and unmuting of parts.

Song mode, meanwhile, provides a more linear, tape-like recording environment. Much of the basic feel is the same as Patterns — you have all the same setup and motif es8 options, and can record samples into tracks. There's a certain degree of interconvertibility, in that Pattern chains can be converted into Songs if you wish. motif es8

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This eradicates the Section boundaries in the Pattern chain, creating a continuous sequence, over which you can then overdub more longform solos, or mix and arrange your Song in a more linear manner. There are 64 Song memories in total.The Yamaha MOTIF ES8 Key Music Production Synthesizer features a huge MB wave ROM, an enhanced soundset of 1, waveforms for the MOTIF's 1,02 Click To Read More About This Product. The Yamaha MOTIF ES8 Key Music Production Synthesizer features a huge MB wave ROM. Two and a half years after the launch of Yamaha's impressive Motif workstation synth, the range motif es8 been further enhanced and upgraded. How much better motif es8 .

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