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But the fact remains, the company has in the II provided a substantially better scanner at an even more affordable price.

So, who is foolish enough to look a gift horse in the mouth? Thank you to Johann for this really comprehensive article.

As always, comments are welcome and polite discussion encouraged. Camera hunter, photographer, camera geek, Tokyoite and Minolta dimage elite 5400 all rolled into one gracefully balding package. I have been living and working in Tokyo for 14 years now and it is my home. Tokyo is heaven for cameras and I know the secret spots and special places. Let me be your 'camera enabler'. Great, in-depth article. Just a question, would this work workflow be applicable to the Pacific Image scanners for example? Windows: Yes.


Latest Trending Photos Videos. Sotto la coperta. The specs for this scanner look too good to be true and since there was absolutely no results of any kind minolta dimage elite 5400 for the Minolta lens being used for photography I just had to buy one to try it out.

Minolta Scan Elite 5400 Driver

This report on the Minolta and II lens will cover what you need to know about image quality, setting up this lens for photography, test comparisons, how to find one, and a link for a separate page on how to remove the lens from a scanner. In addition, I should add that when scanning Kodachrome or silver-based black and white film to a high-bit raw file you must minolta dimage elite 5400 Digital ICE off in the Konica Minolta Utility.

Then, if you are using LaserSoft's SilverFast--either the scanner driver Ai 6 or the HDR version I used--it has a quite effective SilverFast SRD dust and scratch removal utility built-in, which is very effective at minolta dimage elite 5400 most of the defects in Kodachrome and black and white images. However, with very grainy black and white or the high-speed, grainy Kodachromeit is less effective. The holder would be drawn into the scanner only when scanning actually commenced. There is no reference whatever to the beep in the manual.


You may detect here that one of my concerns is that some hardware issues are described in the software manual and vice versa. When trying to solve a problem, one must read both from cover minolta dimage elite 5400 cover. A notable exception to my general comment on documentation is that the software booklet includes a listing of the names and locations of all files installed by the installer. Scanner lenses are designed to be chromatic aberration free, sharp from corner to the corner, corrected for a flat field, and free from distortion.

Scanner Review: Konica Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite II

The best scanner lenses have better resolution and better chromatic minolta dimage elite 5400 than consumer market macro lenses. That is, the result from multiple scans was not significantly better than from a single scan, even with dense slides. But certainly no worse either. The manual states "PixelPolish makes automatic or custom image corrections". In my experience, scans with and without PixelPolish turned on were indistinguishable.

Basically, I have no idea what it is supposed to do that the other controls provided cannot do. So my advice would be if you need the best in a dedicated 35mm film scanner, this new Konica Minolta offering is as good as minolta dimage elite 5400 gets, at least for a while.

For those like me who purchased the first scanner, it might be a harder decision whether or not to upgrade. However, I didn't minolta dimage elite 5400 twice about it being a good move and sent Konica Minolta a check rather than return the scanner. We had both models here and kept gravitating toward the II.

Close-up Photography

Let's see why. The scanner ships with two plastic, hinged holders. One holds four 35mm slides, the last of which can be swapped with the holder in the scanner. The other minolta dimage elite 5400 a six-frame strip of 35mm film. They are not identical to the 's holders, though.

Color Management. Min Hard Drive Space. See details. Buy It Now.

Scanner Review: Konica Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite II

Wij vragen u dus ook te reageren op een antwoord. The only other thing I did was a curves adjustment in Photoshop and exported for an example. Full image from negative. For the sake of comparison, here is a scan from Kodak Ektar from a shot I took in using the Minolta Scan Elite minolta dimage elite 5400 full resolution. At ppi, the limiting factor is the resolution of the film and the lens.The Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite (and the Scan Elite II) was the resolution leader in the consumer film scanner market in the early. Please note that this review applies to the original Minolta Dimage Scan Elitenot the Konica-Minolta Mk II scanner of similar specifications released in.

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