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Performance however is loading mptsas poor. However, the dd speed for when raid 5 is rebuiding is much less than original result. Is this caused by the bounce buffer for the alignment?

Is there any way to solve this problem in lsi formware so that we don't need a forced alignment? We will test the software loading mptsas grow problem reported by Brian later.

Comment 26 dujun UTC It seems to us that the software raid growing has no problem at all with the forced alignment patch. Comment 27 richard UTC Hi Dujun, Can you add any more information to this performance drop, here and on linux-scsi? Pls note following. Ahh it's a software based controller not a hardware based controller. Now it is annoying, distracting and wasteful to log the sense data in this particular situation. loading mptsas

– soft lockup during boot mptbase on LSI SAS PCI-X Fusion

If you have build up a raid in controller bios, you will get an logical volume e. Bug Description. I guess I've got to plan to drive there someday You are not directly subscribed to this bug's notifications. I'm really looking forward not to say I'm horny to test your changes. Unfortunatelly I don't have any experience using git - will there also be some binary linux-image in a deb format? Other point we have to keep in mind is how your changes can loading mptsas integrated into the dapper installer.

Will there be an update loading mptsas 6. I can't find your updated driver in any public git repository. I have been able to compile Kyle's tree including just your patch.

I have a Loading mptsas and just tried the linux-source My Ubuntu 6. Any ideas". Try it and report your experience, please.


Backing this out of 6. Bjoern Boschmann kindly tested the 6.


From my point of view the situation is more critical. Until now it was at least possible to boot and install an X using Dapper. Martin Pitt told me that it was loading mptsas using some X in their test-center - maybe that already was some X M2??

– soft lockup during boot mptbase on LSI SAS PCI-X Fusion

Considering that we bought 4 SUN servers x a year ago because they were certified for Dapper, and considering that i need to install Dapper loading mptsas get Zimbra support, I feel quite concerned to learn here that the hardwaire raid is not supported. On top of this it seems there is an issue in Dapper installing the root on a LVN partition which is over two soft raid. In the end I will have to rely over two soft raid 1, which is a pain as I would need one bigger partition. I need to determine if this was resolved upstream. The time now is PM. Replaced the disk and I didn't have a problem with that hang again.

Download in other formats: Plain Text. That being said I did do some more testing for anyone that may come across this problem in the future: 3.mptsas has been part of the mainstream Linux kernel for loading mptsas while and should be Load it by hand for the first time and add it to /etc/modules for next reboots. you can unload the old mptsas and load the new one for verification. rmmod mptsas rmmod mptscsih rmmod mptbase modprobe mptsas tail /var/log/ messages.

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