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On the other hand, if you print few enough pages -- only or pages per month, for example, the KX-MB's cost per page won't be an issue.


And the odds are that if you kx mb2000 scanner a fax capability or an ADF, your printing needs will be pretty light duty too. But then again, at this price you're essentially paying for a single function personal printer and getting the scanner, copier, and network support thrown in for free. If you cannot send a fax overseas even if the number is correct and the line is connected, activate this feature before sending the fax.

Consumables and options

This feature improves the reliability by reducing the transmission speed. After transmission, the unit will return to the previous setting. Note: R This feature is not available for kx mb2000 scanner transmission.


R Calling charges may be higher than usual. This feature can be set up to 24 hours in advance of the desired time. Press M1N to select ON. R To enter an item using one-touch dial feature and phonebook, see step 3 on 6. MSetN kx mb2000 scanner. Enter the transmission start time.

When using the scanner glass, press MSetN. R The document will be fed into the unit and scanned into memory. The unit will then send the data at the specified time. You cannot use this feature for another fax transmission until kx mb2000 scanner former sending is completed. If you often have trouble when sending faxes, this feature allows you to hear connecting tones: fax tone, ring back tone and busy tone. You can use these tones to confirm the status of the other partys machine. M1N ON default : You will hear connecting kx mb2000 scanner.

Note: R If the ring back tone continues, the kx mb2000 scanner partys machine may not be kx mb2000 scanner fax machine or may have run out of paper. Check with the other party. R The connecting tone volume cannot be adjusted. To receive a fax document that is longer than your recording paper. M1N ON default : The unit will fit received documents onto your recording paper.

Panasonic Laserjet 3-in-1 Monochrome Laser Printer KX-MB

If you wish kx mb2000 scanner use an extension telephone to receive faxes, activate this feature and program the activation code. Important: R The fax activation code must be different from the code that you programmed on the answering machine.

R The default code is H kx mb2000 scanner. R Do not enter M1N ON default : You will hear a beeping sound. Note: R If documents are stored into memory due to some printing problem, the beeps will continue until you solve the problem. If a message is displayed, see page 74 to page 76 for directions on printing out the stored documents.

Make sure the unit is supplied with enough paper to print the stored document. R If documents are stored into memory due to activating the web fax preview feature on page 50the unit will not beep. However, the unit will start to beep when the memory is nearly full. This feature is available when the fax preview mode is turned OFF feature on page If the unit cannot recognize the connection, it will store received documents into memory, and then transfer the data after recognition of the computer connection. If the unit cannot recognize the connection, it will print the data. To select kx mb2000 scanner computer that will be used for receiving a fax.

See page 50 for details. Note: R Kx mb2000 scanner LAN connection: Register computers to which fax reception notifications will be sent through the web browser interface page R If you select YES, the unit will automatically print out any received fax documents that have been stored into memory: PC fax setting feature on page Fax preview feature on page Setting the PC information for notification of fax reception LAN connection only R This feature can be programmed only through the web browser interface. Select the PC to send fax reception notification message to up to 6 destinations.

Click [List] next to the desired destination. Click the desired PC from the list.

A [Submit] 8.Panasonic KX-MB Printer Driver and software kx mb2000 scanner for Laser Multi- Function Station (Including driver of “Printer”, “Scanner” and “PC. Multi-Function Station (Including driver of "Printer", "Scanner" and "PC FAX"). Download the file below to the specified folder on your PC's hard disk, for example.

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