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Sears Lafayette 18FW Remarks: a. Same as antenna 2 pruned for better gain on higher channels. Same as antenna 2 with director elements added for UHF. kmex 5v-500ma

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Same as antenna 5 pruned for better gain on higher channels. Same as antenna 5 with director kmex 5v-500ma added for UHF. Same as kmex 5v-500ma 13 with internal balun. Same as antenna 13 with internal balun and pruned for better gain on higher channels, h.

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Same as antenna 18 with director elements added for UHF. A splitter will kmex 5v-500ma introduce some impedance mis- match, with VSWR's ranging from 1. That mismatch can cause up to a 3.


Georgia Tech found no clear correla- tion between the cost and performance of the splitters tested. The most expen- sive Winegard model MSJ-5 a! Several samples of kmex 5v-500ma of those units were tested, with variations between samples ranging from 0,3 dB and 1. Georgia Tech concluded that in- stalling two transmission lines one for VHF and one for UHF to eliminate use of a splitter is a reasonable kmex 5v-500ma tive. Two cables can usually be brought down from the antenna to- gether, and installing them should not be much harder than installing a splitter. When using coax, you connect a balun between the antenna and the coax and, unless your receiver has a ohm "F" connector on the back, you use another balun at the receiver to convert the ohm impedance back to ohms, balanced, for connection to the receiver screw terminals.

In my kmex 5v-500ma perience, the balun used has a profound effect on the quality of UHF reception; an effect that is disproportionate to its slight cost and lack of complexity. Georgia Tech tested several samples of four balun models. They kmex 5v-500ma that there was little correlation between price and performance. Re- marks 1 Radio Shack 2. Radio Shack ' 3.


Radio Shack 4. Rem brant 5. Considered by the Georgia Tech engineers to be the best indoor antenna tested, said to be "significantly superior to other indoor antennas evaluated. Kmex 5v-500ma by the study to "offer rather poor performance.

The study takes note of preamp 2's high kmex 5v-500ma figure and VSWR, in view kmex 5v-500ma its price, c. Preamp 3 is described by the study as, "may in fact be detrimental at frequencies above channel When used with other good components, preamp 4 "would represent a substantial improvement in system performance for a reasonable purchase price.

Preamp 6 is said by kmex 5v-500ma study to be kmex 5v-500ma little benefit to system performance due to its extremely poor noise figure performance. When used for VHF reception, the Georgia Tech engineers said that preamp 7 "could significantly improve the system noise figure. Preamp 8 same as preamp 9 "was considered to be one of the better preamplifiers cost considered that was tested on this program.


Preamp 11 is kmex 5v-500ma only to plug into Winegard outdoor antennas to form "active antennas. Such low power is used be- cause the station is intended to cover only a small neighborhood where the District's Spanish-speak- ing people are concentrated.

The problem of trying to receive a one- kilowatt signal at a distance of over three miles is complicated by the fact that my apartment windows face away from the transmitter and! I tried a four-bay bowtie antenna, but it was unsatisfactory because kmex 5v-500ma reflections from a number of tall buildings that lie in the antenna sidelobes. Not wanting to take up the whole kmex 5v-500ma with a six-foot dish, I built a corner reflector, cut for Channel 56, from angle aluminum.


Masonite, aluminum foil, brass rod, and a broomstick. My eyes aren't calibrated in dB, but the improvement was greater than ex- pected from predictions of the study. The Georgia Tech study confirms my experience with baluns; there was a remarkable difference among baluns I tried, even among examples of the same model. One of the cheapest I'd bought three of them kmex 5v-500ma 99c each was best for Channel One Jake Brown Rd. Interstate St.

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Wyman St. My kmex 5v-500ma with respect to price and performance of baluns agrees with the Georgia Tech findings see Sidebar. Kmex 5v-500ma loss variation among samples of the same model ranged from 0. Experimenters delight.KMEX 5VMA DRIVER - Order at no obligation today. A MHz carrier, modulated by JD Hz, is transmitted by the remote uj and received by. Info about kmex 5v ma awrk1.

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