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There's a problem with your browser or settings. Avoid stepping on blisters that are common on built up bitumen and gravel roofs. Have a cell phone or radio available in case of emergency. Inform local police and plant security prior to doing infracam roof survey.

Structural drawing Comment ;a2 Inadequate sealing of infracam membrane around conduit and ventilation ducts leading to local leakage around the conduit or duct. Structural drawing Comment ;a2 Drainage channels located too high and with too low an inclination. Some water will remain in the drainage channel after rain, which may lead to local leakage around the channel. When the surface itself is dry, including any gravel or ballast, a sunny day will warm the entire roof.

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Early in the evening, if the sky is clear, the roof will begin to cool down by radiation. Because 13 of its higher thermal capacity the wet insulation will stay warmer longer than the dry and will be visible in the infrared imager see photos below. The technique is partic- ularly effective on roofs having absorbent insulationsuch as wood fiber, fiberglass, and perlitewhere thermal patterns correlate infracam perfectly with moisture.


Infrared inspections of roofs with nonabsorbent insulations, common in many single- ply systems, are more difficult to diagnose because patterns are more diffuse. This section includes a few typical infrared images of moisture problems on low-slope commercial roofs: Infrared image Comment ;a1 Moisture detection on a roof, recorded during the evening. Since infracam building material affected by moisture has a higher thermal mass, its temperature decreas- es slower than surrounding areas. Being able to provide a physical illustration of the moisture migration paths is more conclusive than extrapolating moisture meter probe locations and more cost-effective than large intrusive test cuts. Structural drawing Comment ;a2 Pelting rain penetrates the faade due to badly executed bed joints.

Moisture builds up in the masonry above the window. Most of the rain runs off the window edge flashing but some finds its way into the masonry where the plaster meets the underside of the flashing. Structural drawing Comment ;a2 Rain hits the faade at an angle and penetrates the plaster through cracks. The water then follows the inside of the plaster and leads to frost erosion. Infrared image Comment ;a1 Improperly terminated and sealed stone veneer to window frame and missing flashings has resulted in moisture infiltration into the wall cavity and inte- rior living space. Improper infracam, inadequately sealed membranes, and insufficient drainage may lead to substantial damage in the building structures 13 below. Balconies, although smaller in size, require the same care in design, choice of mate- rial, and workmanship as any other building structure.

Since balconies are usually supported on one side only, moisture leading to corrosion of struts and concrete re- inforcement can cause problems and lead to hazardous situations. Structural drawing Comment ;a2 Improper sealing of paving and membrane to roof outlet, leading to leakage during rain.

Structural drawing Comment ;a2 Water has penetrated the concrete due to inade- quately sized drop apron and has infracam to concrete disintegration and corrosion of reinforcement. Infrared infracam Comment ;a1 Improper flashing at balcony-to-wall connections and missing perimeter drainage system resulted in moisture intrusion into the wood framing support structure of the exterior walkway balcony of a loft complex. Small leaks may be difficult to detect, but canover the yearspenetrate structural walls and foundations to a degree where the building structure is beyond repair. Using building thermography at an early stage when plumbing breaks and leaks are 13 suspected can lead to substantial savings on material and labor.

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Infrared image Comment ;a1 Moisture migration tracking along steel joist chan- infracam inside ceiling of a single family home where a plumbing line had ruptured. Infrared image Comment ;a1 The infrared image of this vinyl-sided 3-floor apartment house clearly shows the path of a seri- ous leak from a washing machine infracam the third floor, which is completely hidden within the wall.

Air infiltration can be expected at joints and seams in the building structure. Due to the fact that air infiltration creates an air flow of cool air into e. Air flows as small as 0. On an infrared image air infiltration can be identified by its typical ray pattern, which emanates from infracam point of exit in the building structuree. Furthermore, areas of air infiltration typically have a lower detected temperature than areas where there is only an insulation deficiency. This is due to the chill factor of the air flow.

IRC57 -InfraCam SD Thermal Imaging Camera

Structural drawing Comment ;a2 Infracam deficiencies at the eaves of a brickwall house due to improperly installed fiberglass insu- lation batts. The air infiltration enters the room from behind the cornice. Structural drawing Infracam ;a2 Insulation deficiencies in an intermediate flow due to improperly installed fiberglass insulation batts. The air infiltration enters the room beneath the skirting strip. Infrared image Comment ;a1 Air infiltration from behind a skirting strip. Note the typical ray pattern.

The white area to the left is a radiator. If fiberglass insulation batts are improperly installed air pockets will form in the building structure. Since these air pockets have a different thermal conductivity than areas where the insulation batts are properly installed, the air pockets can be detected during a building ther- mography inspection. As a rule of thumb, areas with insulation deficiencies typically have higher temperatures than where there is only an air infiltration. When carrying out building thermography inspections aimed at detecting insulation deficiencies, be aware of the following parts in a building structure, which may look like insulation deficiencies infracam the infrared image: Wooden joists, studs, rafter, beams Steel girders and steel beams Water piping inside walls, ceilings, floors Electrical installations inside walls, ceilings, floorssuch as trunking, piping etc.Hold in your hand, clip to your belt or place in your toolbox, the InfraCAM SD weighs just lbs.


It is the lightest IR and thermal imaging storage camera in the. Shop for the FLIR InfraCam SD Thermal Imager infracam other Infracam Imagers / Infrared Cameras at Instrumart.

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