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At ISO the picture is as good as fujifilm finepix f100fd other compact digital camera is likely to produce. Once you go higher though picture quality breaks down rapidly. There is a setting for ISObut picture quality is poor long before you get there. Although I did not see this in my test shots I have seen fujifilm finepix f100fd of it.


Fuji now provides a fix that can be downloaded free of charge from their website and applied to the Finepix FFD. The feature allows you to adjust the dynamic range. The advantage of this is that it helps to bring out extra detail in some of the darker areas of a photo where there is a high level of contrast in the shot. In my special test for this it was noticeable that some additional colour was added to the darker areas. The downside was that this was at the expense of some of the clarity of the photo. The FinePix Ffd fujifilm finepix f100fd an impressive offering in terms of sensitivity.

You can manually select ISO equivalents from to 12, The crops are just a few from the larger ISO fujifilm finepix f100fd in the Exposure sectionshowing noise levels at the mid-range and highest ISO settings. When it comes to the hair crops, noise isn't high, but detail is quite soft, never achieving a truly sharp appearance. At ISO 12, which limits resolution to the 3M sizeit's hardly recognizable as hair.


Higher contrast areas are slightly better, but not sufficient that we can recommend shooting in this mode unless you only want fujifilm finepix f100fd rough representation of the scene. The FinePix Ffd's adjustable Dynamic Range adjustment helped in harsh lighting as in the portrait shots above.

Fujifilm FinePix F100fd (black)

You can see that highlight detail in the white shirt is off the chart in the first two images, but increasing the dynamic range helped to bring out more detail in this area, as well as fujifilm finepix f100fd the shadows and midtones. Unfortunately, that detail is marred by the increase to ISO fujifilm finepix f100fd, and again appears like a painting on close inspection.

Still, it will certainly survive printing up to about 8x10 without noticeable smudging. Despite its slightly sluggish cycle times, the Fujifilm FinePix Ffd is a good overall performer. Color and exposure were both good, and helpful automatic tools like Face Detection, Dynamic Range, and the preset Scene modes proved useful fujifilm finepix f100fd responsive to a variety of situations.

The camera's very high maximum ISO settings are helpful in darker conditions, but we recommend sticking to ISO or below. The 5x optical zoom lens is of good quality with low to average distortion levels, and the maximum 28mm wide angle setting gives you better coverage. The Fujifilm FinePix Ffd is definitely worth considering. The Fujifilm FinePix Ffd is capable in a variety of situations, typically getting good color and fujifilm finepix f100fd even under harsh lighting conditions. Its performance is limited indoors, however, with poor low light results and limited flash range. Still, as an outdoor camera, the FinePix Fujifilm finepix f100fd records some amazing resolution for such a small camera.

It actually feels quite heavy, though. It comes in fujifilm finepix f100fd or silver versions with silver accents. The decent-sized 69mm 2. There are only four buttons -- an F menu button, face detection and red-eye toggle, display options and a playback button. The other headline feature of the camera is its image stabilisation, offering both a mechanically stabilised Fujifilm finepix f100fd i.

I used center almost exclusively — it provided a quick and consistent focal point, and I could simply recompose the shot when necessary by continuing to hold the shutter at half press before making the capture. Focus acquisition times were similar in both the center and multi modes. There is an AF assist illuminator which worked extremely well in even pitch-black conditions — focus acquisition times were not substantially longer than in good light. Flash performance was generally good in the Ffd, although I found I could reduce the number of dark shots by using an auto setting that allowed the camera to vary the ISO between and or andversus setting a fixed low ISO sensitivity. Fuji lists the maximum range as about 14 feet at wide angle with auto ISO, and shots made at ISO had to be made fairly close to the subject if flash was used as primary illumination.

Flash recycle times could fujifilm finepix f100fd as little as about three seconds in good conditions, or up to seven seconds with full discharges ISO, telephoto, pitch black conditions.


Red-eye reduction mode when enabled worked well, or perhaps it was the automatic in-camera red-eye removal feature — whatever was responsible, red eyes were not a concern. Red-eye reduction is only available with face detection fujifilm finepix f100fd default is off. Shutter lag performance is slowed with red-eye reduction as the camera fires a pre-flash before capture. Colours were generally well balanced and rich, although they were perhaps a little dark at times. Fortunately this unit includes several dynamic range modes similar to those found on some of the newer crop of SLRs, and this helps rectify the issue.

It does a pretty good job of bringing out more detail in highlights and patches of shadow, as well as generally keeping shots more balanced.

Fujifilm FinePix Ffd: Digital Photography Review

Another interesting feature of the ffd fujifilm finepix f100fd its massive 12, maximum ISO setting. Sustainability Report. About Us.FinePix Ffd. Number of effective pixels*1. 12 million pixels. CCD sensor. 1/ -inch Super CCD HR. Storage media. Internal memory (approx.

57MB). Fujifilm's 12MP advanced compact offers face detection, extended dynamic range and a high ISO.

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