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The electronic viewfinder is not quite as good, with a k dot resolution and 97 percent frame coverage. Also atop the Fujifilm FinePix SHD are, unusually, dedicated buttons for both activating the now must-have face detection the camera identifying fuji s2000hd prioritizing up to 10 faces in a frame, with automatic red eye removal if required and a second button for continuous shooting mode.


Press this second button and you're rewarded with a vertically ranged toolbar down the right hand side of the screen, providing a broad range of quick shooting options that will undoubtedly come in handy for the school sports day. As well as the aforementioned ultra high speed, Take the first It was fuji s2000hd little hard to open and close the battery door, as it was on the Sfd. The back of the Fujifilm SHD is the business end, populated with the viewfinder, the LCD, the button to switch between them, and the controls.


There's a Selector button surrounded by a four-way navigator ring which is surrounded by four buttons. Fujifilm supplies a good quality fuji s2000hd strap with the SHD but my preference for a camera this size is to use a wrist strap and fuji s2000hd the camera in a holster. Either approach works well. The lens glass is so large it's not practical to incorporate a lens cover so Fujifilm supplies a cover shaped like large plastic cup that you tether to the strap or eyelet. Because it's a 15x zoom, an optical viewfinder is impractical too.

Instead the 0. The Fuji s2000hd is surprisingly handy. I almost always preferred to use it when shooting outdoors when the sun made the LCD difficult to use. But there is no dioptric adjustment. The lens covers quite a range, the 35mm equivalent of a That's a 15x range, superseded only by the monster 18x and 20x zooms that cost over fuji s2000hd as much.

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Fuji s2000hd uses a CCD-shift type of optical image stabilization to minimize the effects of camera shake both at long telephoto lengths and in low-light conditions. There's a curious omission in the SHD's shooting modes.

Fujifilm FinePix S2000HD

For me, it's a deal breaker because it's the most useful mode of all, the mode many photographers prefer to use. If you want to know why, see sensor sizes. Surface area Surface area is calculated by multiplying the width and the height of a sensor. There is no way of testing battery life until the batteries are almost done. So a full set of spare charged batteries in my pocket is a must. On the plus side of this the camera is not as much of a battery ho g as any of my older cameras. This camera is lighter than fuji s2000hd as well. I am not displeased with my purchase but it seems to me a couple more minor additions and this could be the best all around camera for any novice photographer. However if you remember this is a still shot camera you will not fuji s2000hd disappointed by the video quality. Not true HD but much better than a lot of still shot cameras.

About Us. All other modes 4sec.

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The LCD monitor is 2. There was noticeable barrel distortion at the wide end of the fuji s2000hd but minimal pincushion distortion at the tele end.

A zoom bracket mode is also available where the camera will record three photographs at varying cropped areas. Despite saying that it's a zoom feature, the camera takes a photograph at the fuji s2000hd length you've set then crops into the image on the two blue box outlines that it shows in the preview. The effect of this is two images with dwindling resolution on each consecutive save. The back looks like any other Fujifilm compact digital camera apart from the electronic viewfinder hanging over the 2.


All the functions are placed on the right side of the unit which makes me wonder how left handed people get on. Most modern digital cameras will have a function button to accommodate quick options for faster and more efficient shooting. It comes in a variety of names such as function, fn, Q-menu or home but they all do the same thing. Fujifilm have their own and have used it for a number of years marked by an "f" which stands for FinePix. The mode you're in depends on what the menu will show you with the modes on your dial marked P, S, M or C allowing more access than some of the auto modes. In the natural mode, the ISO is only on auto and can't be adjusted. In zoom bracketing the ISO is still auto and the resolution can't be amended. Other modes will allow or refrain you from fuji s2000hd adjustments and it's a simple case of using them and getting to know them.

One of the good features that's inherent from previous models such as fuji s2000hd Sfd is the frame cropping tool.FinePix SHD. Number of effective pixels *1. million pixels.

CCD sensor. 1/inch CCD.

FinePix SHD (Discontinued Model) Fujifilm Global

Storage media. Internal memory (approx. 55MB); SD memory. how to use your FUJIFILM FinePix.

SHD digital camera and the supplied software. Be sure that you have read and understood its con- tents before using.

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