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Tell us about your experience with our site. Hi, Thank you for posting your reply. The hole in each lever must slide onto the corresponding end of the shaft. When connecting the head cable, pass it correctly through the FPC guide at the frame. Perform steps 1 to 5 of Section 4. epson lx-800

Disconnect the motor cable from the carriage motor. Disconnect the lead wire of the home position sensor from the molded clip epson lx-800 the bottom of the frame.

Epson LX Ribbons

Loosen the four tabs securing the carriage motor frame to the chassis frame, using a screwdriver, and remove the carriage motor frame. Tab Tab Fig. Carriage Motor Frame Removal 4. Remove the epson lx-800 tension spring from the carriage motor epson lx-800. Remove the E type 3. Removal of Carriage Motor 5.

Move the carriage motor in the direction shown by the arrow to remove it. When epson lx-800 a ring to the right pulley shaft, set it so that epson lx-800 opening faces to the right.

Confirm that the attached retaining rings do not move, using the tweezers. Perform steps 1 to 3 of Section 4. Push the notch of the home position sensor, epson lx-800 remove the home position sensor from the carriage motor frame. Removal of Home Position Sensor 4. Refer to section 4. Turn the printer mechanism over, and loosen the four bent tabs of the ribbon gear cover using a screwdriver. At this time, just loosen the tabs slightly but do not remove the ribbon gear cover.

If it is removed before the printer mechanism is turned over, the gears will be scattered. Tab Tab Printer mechanism epson lx-800 view Fig. Ribbon Gear Cover Removal 3. Place the printer mechanism face up, and lift the ribbon gear cover to remove it.

Epson LX 800 Print Problems after updating from Windows 10 build 10240 to build 10586

Loosen the three tabs of the sprocket mounting plate using a screwdriver and remove the side cover. Both the left and right side epson lx-800 can be removed at the same time. Removal of Side Cover Remove the sprocket gear and the sprocket transmission gear. Remove the shaft holder.

The left and right shaft holders can be removed at epson lx-800 same time. Remove the sprocket shaft from the sprocket mounting plate. Loosen the sprocket mounting plate tab using a screwdriver, and pull out the sprocket guide shaft. When pulling out the paper guide roller, move it along the sprocket shaft toward the side with the T-shaped notch.


When assembling the paper guide roller, insert the sprocket shaft from the side with the T-shaped notch. Attach the paper guide roller to the sprocket shaft from the direction indicated in Figure Attach the sprocket wheel to the sprocket shaft so epson lx-800 the sprocket wheel marks are on the left side and so that the marks on the two wheels line up.


Sprocket Wheel Sprocket Shaft The longer portion goes on the right side. Marks to be matched Fig. When disassembly or replacement is epson lx-800 during maintenance or repairs of the parts described in this epson lx-800, the following adjustments should be performed to ensure proper operation.


Install the paper guide and the platen unit on the printer mechanism. Remove the epson lx-800, then remove epson lx-800 ribbon mask using tweezers. When removing the ribbon mask, pull it frontward slightly, then lift it.Epson LX Epson LX To contact Epson America, you may write to Kilroy Airport Way, Long Beach, CA or call Products.

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Epson LX Epson LX. Epson lx-800 contact Epson America, you may write to Kilroy Airport Way, Long Beach, CA or call Products.

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