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The key differentiation between the egalax hid solutions lies in the current intensity as well as LED backlights. The first egalax hid is equipped with 12 blue diodes, while the second model houses 12 red and 12 green diodes.


What firmware version is installed on the brightsign unit", and it seems to be ok. Then, i quit the cursor and it seems to work ok too, but now my customer told me that when the unit is some time working fine, the problem appears.

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The cards are the ones I use always, transcend I remember. Yes, we don't recommend using the Transcend egalax hid with the BrightSign players. Currently UPDD v6 does not support this device.

Known Hardware Issues

PQlabs never shared the touch data format of the non-HID egalax hid with us so we have never been able to support them with our drivers, therefore egalax hid can only support HID compatible versions. We believe these to be G5 and above.


The pen worked as designed but touching with a finger or gestures were disabled. The cursor remained on the screen and would follow my finger opening egalax hid closing blue squares. My Egalax hid colleague Barb Bowman mentioned, that the behavior of the On-screen keyboard may be changed within settings, and posted this settings screenshot.

[JDK] Touch Drag/Move not working on eGalax Touchscreen b -> b - Java Bug System

This brought me to the conclusion, that something went terrible wrong egalax hid my machine. I digged a bit a around, but was not able to find a quick solution.

There are two entries for input devices: Human Interface Devices and Mice and other pointing devices. In a German forum thread somebody mentioned, that on his Medion PT a eGalax Touch Controller c was shown under Mice and other pointing devices. Below is a egalax hid of the driver properties still in German.

There other devices that will be released soon that are affected by the same problem and I even think that Microsoft is being affected by this issue and of course, I'll contact Microsoft using my MVP channels to see if we can get egalax hid support from them. Let's hope that this time this issue will be fixed for ever. I will try to write in english as much I can. Thanks Frank for your interest, as I told you in other pages as interestings as this one ;- ,is admirable the way you get involve with all this issues that you may not be affected egalax hid but you put all your effort to try to get the best solutions.

To make the the big wave is very interesting, the ideal will be if could be a huge wave that also include, not just Microsoft, but mainly the manufactures suchs as VILIV, EETI, and of cours to Dynamism that gives the support and is the provider of this device. What egalax hid try if your touchscreen doesn't work. Touch targets firmly to complete touchscreen s calibration.


Did LG say that they will not support this monitor in the future with Windows 7 drivers? Many hardware manufacturers do not support an operating system while it is still egalax hid beta. Calibrate the Touchscreen with eGTouchU.

ULTRA MOBILE PC TIPS: eGalax Touch Screens are not always USB-HID Compliant.

This is an extension of my other touchscreen calibration post for Vista. Microsoft Surface Collage, a program that you egalax hid use to explore and interact with your photos and arrange them as a desktop background.

This short video explains how to calibrate the touch screen on your egalax hid PC, and create a shortcut on the desktop for ease of access. The General tab includes an Align function.There is a HID touch digitizer build-in driver in Windows 7 or later. If egalax hid need RS interface driver for projected capacitive type touch device, please contact. Home > Downloads > Drivers. The programs, including but not limited to software and/or firmware (hereinafter referred to “Programs” or ”PROGRAMS”), are.

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