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Canon CLC5151 - Printers and MFPs specifications.

Scanner resolution: Resolution - one of the main characteristics of clc5151 scanner scanner. Feeder back Copyboard Cover Wipe the copyboard cover [1] using a cloth moistened with water or solution of mild detergent well wrung ; then, dry wipe it with a soft cloth. Rubber roller Platen Roller Wipe the platen roller [1] using a cloth moistened with water or solution of mild detergent well wrung ; thereafter, dry wipe it with a soft cloth. Copyboard Glass, Original reading area ADF Reading Glass Wipe the copyboard glass [1] and the DF reading glass [2] using a cloth moistened with water or solution of mild detergent well wrung ; thereafter, dry wipe them with a soft cloth.

Canon CLC Printers and MFPs specifications

DF Glass Retainer, Edge Guide Wipe the DF glass retainer [1] and the edge guide [2] using a cloth moistened with water or solution of mild detergent well wrung ; thereafter, dry wipe them with a soft cloth. Chapter 1 5. Vertical Size Plate Clean the vertical size plate [1] using a cloth moistened with water or solution of middle detergent well wrung ; thereafter, dry wipe it with a soft cloth. Advise the user to check the breaker on a periodical basis about once a monthand keep a record of inspection. Go through the following: 1 Turn off the main power switch. Check to be sure that the breaker switch is on the ON side.

These regulations apply to laser products manufactured on and after August 1,and the sale of laser products not certified under clc5151 scanner regulations is banned within the Untied States.


The label shown here indicates compliance with the CDRH regulations, and its attachment is required on all laser products that are soled in the United States. A laser scanner mounted on the machine is sealed with the clc5151 scanner housing and external cover to prevent the laser beam from leaking to the outside. The laser beam never leaks out of the scanner as far as users operate the machine normally The following warnings are given to comply with Safety Principles EN Laserstrahlen knnen fr den menschlichen Krper gefhrlich sein. Aus diesem Grund ist das optische Lasersystem mit einem Schutzgehuse und einer Auenabdeckung dicht verschlossen und hat eine Struktur, die keine Laserstrahlen nach auen dringen lsst.


Unter der Voraussetzung, dass der Benutzer dieses Gert normal bedient, ist ein Austritt von Laserstrahlen daher ausgeschlossen. If you must servicr while the power is turned on, be sure to keep the followings: - Do not use a screwdriver or tools that have a high level of reflectance in the laser path. They can reflect the laser beam, possibly hitting the eye. The machine's covers that can reflect laser light are identified by means of a warning label Figure. If you must detach a cover showing the label, be sure to take extra caution during the work. The following warnings are given to comply with Safety Principles EN About Toner The machine's toner is a non-toxic material made of plastic, iron, and small amounts of dye.

Do not throw toner into fire. It may cause explosion. Toner on Clothing or Skin - If your clothing or skin has come into contact with clc5151 scanner, wipe it off with tissue; then, wash it off with water.

It tends to react easily. Wenn mit dem falschen Typ ausgewechselt, besteht Explosionsgefahr.


Gebrauchte Batterien gem der Anleitung beseitigen. Notes before it works serving At clc5151 scanner, be sure to turn OFF the power source according to the specified steps and disconnect the power plug. Contents 2.

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Be sure to leave the machine alone until clc5151 scanner becomes used to the room temperature whenever condensation is expected. Remote Support. Full scanning capabilities include conventional TWAIN scanning plus clc5151 scanner the ability to push scan to a network folder share or directly to email. Is it working fine and has it warranty.

Optional added processing power and production with Fiery Controller PS-GX to handle large print files with ease and provide true Postcript 3 printing. E1 London. E1 London. Neither the Auctioneers nor the vendors, nor their servants and clc5151 scanner have any authority to make any representations. These prices would be given on request. Our catalogue includes Canon and Toshiba multifunctional printersphotocopiersMFDs, fax machinessmall and home office desktop devices and all related consumables such as toner, drum units and office paper supplies. Print speed: Print speed is critically important when buying a printer, but how do you compare print speeds when manufacturers measure it in very different ways? We manually approve bidders who pass the security check which means outside office hours it can be several hours after signing up before you are approved — it is our strong recommendation that you sign up to auctions well in advance, as if you leave it till the last day of bidding and you experience difficulties, there may well be insufficient time to approve you.

If we are in any doubt as to the identity of a bidder, or if there is a history of non-payment with BidSpotter auctions, and in particular if you have been blocked by any other auctioneers, we will normally decline a registration.

We will clc5151 scanner sometimes send through a Payment Request which requires a credit or debit card to be used online for a refundable deposit before we approve bidders, particularly those based outside the UK. Clc5151 scanner ensure that you read all the rules before signing up to any particular auction and in particular that you are able to pay by one of the approved methods and collect on time.Canon CLC Drivers.

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Canon clc5151_4040-irc4080i_4580i-sm

Drivers · Software · Manuals · Firmware. Left Right. You might also like. Contact Us. Contact us for telephone or. Colour scanner. The colour scanner is an advanced colour clc5151 scanner reader that accepts scanning sizes up to A3. Scanned documents can be sent to email.

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