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Exception in thread "main" org.

The environment is basically the same. To learn more or change your cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy. SQLException: Connections could not be acquired from the underlying database! So this is a question of where you put the c3p0 library code c3po java.sql.sqlexception no suitable where you put the drivers But the old ugly hack-the-driver-code-in-the-presentation-layer method worked just fine, first try.

Thanks, your JDBC connection string formats were extremely helpful! Faysal Ahmed 4, 5 5 gold badges 16 16 silver badges 36 36 bronze badges. People who voted for this. I'm not familiar with c3p0, but is it open source? Best regards, Konstantin Kolinko To unsubscribe, e-mail: [hidden email] For additional commands, e-mail: [hidden email]. You may also want to set user and passwordand, if you use an old-style JDBC driver that you will not externally preload, you should set the driverClass. The default values of any c3p0 DataSource property are determined by configuration you supply, or else c3po java.sql.sqlexception no suitable to hard-coded defaults [see c3po java.sql.sqlexception no suitable properties ]. If you wish to use a named configuration, construct your com.

Solution to the problem of java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver

ComboPooledDataSource with the configuration name as a constructor agument:. Alternatively, you can use the static factory class com.

If you use the DataSources factory class, and you want to programmatically override default configuration parameters, you can supply a map of override properties:. If you are using named configurationsyou can specify the configuration that defines the default configuration for your DataSource:. Show deprecated PoolConfig approach If you use the DataSources factory class, c3po java.sql.sqlexception no suitable you want to programmatically override default configuration parameters, make use of the PoolConfig class:. You can wrap any DataSouce using DataSource. DataSources are supposed to indicate the username and password associated by default with Connections via standard properties c3po java.sql.sqlexception no suitable and password.

Some DataSource implementations do not offer these properties.


Usually this is not at all a problem. However, in rare circumstances, non-c3p0 unpooled DataSources provide a user property, but not a password property, or you have access to a DataSource that you wish to wrap behind a pool, but you wish to override its build-in authentification defaults without actually modifying the user or password properties. If you set these properties, programmatically as above, or via any of c3p0's configuration mechanismsc3p0 PooledDataSources will ignore the user and password property associated with c3po java.sql.sqlexception no suitable underlying DataSource, and use the specified overrides instead. PooledDataSourcewhich makes available a number of methods for querying the status c3po java.sql.sqlexception no suitable DataSource Connection pools.

Ranger audit whith eption: No suitable driver - Hortonworks

Below is sample code that queries a DataSource for its status:. The various methods let you query the status of pools individually, or aggregate statistics for all authentifications for c3po java.sql.sqlexception no suitable your DataSource is maintaining pools. Note that pool configuration parmeters such as maxPoolSize are enforced on a per-authentification basis!

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For example, if you have set maxPoolSize to 20, and if the DataSource is managing connections under two username-password pairs [the default, c3po java.sql.sqlexception no suitable one other pair established via a call to getConnection user, passwordyou should expect to see as many as 40 Connections from getNumConnectionsAllUsers. As well as Connection pool realted statistics, you can retrieve status information about each DataSource's Thread pool.

Ranger audit whith eption: No suitable driver - Hortonworks

Please see PooledDataSource c3po java.sql.sqlexception no suitable a complete list of available operations. If it's inconvenient or impossible to get a reference to your DataSource via JNDI or some other means, you can find all live c3p0 DataSources using the C3P0Registry class, which includes three static methods to help you out:.


The first method will hand you the Set of all live c3p0 PooledDataSources. If you are sure your application only makes one PooledDataSourcesor you can distinguish between c3po java.sql.sqlexception no suitable DataSources by their configuration properties inspected via "getters"the first method may be sufficient.eption: No suitable driver found.

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This exception can have 2 causes: The JDBC driver is not loaded at all. URL does not match. I get the error "No suitable driver" from c3p0.


Apparently there is no connection pool!) 4. Driver at URL: jdbc:mysql://localhost/quotty.

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