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I want to say aune x1s it sounded very technical and exact, not overly warm but extremely detailed. It may even be just a bit bright, but that may also just aune x1s my headphones which I'll admit aren't the best ones out there. This was amazing.

I could place every instrument in the orchestra and hear detail I had never before heard. It was an amazing experience. Compared to the Topping T1 Mark 2 the Aune sounds much more detailed and richer and the bass is much stronger. The Topping T1 also has a problem when a cell phone is nearby in that the signal gets amplified from the headphone cord. But, it is a K2M…it is what is inside of what are now relatively moderate and budget friendly portable music players. So was it implemented well? Sort of. I feel like the quality of the product, overall fidelity is just fine. Aune x1s on 3 customers reviews.

AUNE X1S PRO DAC ESQ2M Headphone Amplifier 32bit kHz DSD Black

Read reviews 3. It is the foundation of Aune brand rootedmaking Aune brand has extensive influence in the Chinese communityreceived numerous accolades. NET ,which had ten years of histroy In the past ten years ,we have accumulated a large number of excellent designs. With the new x1 model, Aune x1s wanted to create a simple, easy to use and affordable audio product.

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X1s 10th Anniversary Edition is the sixth aune x1s of X1. It is a special version to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the launch of X1. This unit was sent me as a sample unit, I am not affiliated with the company and all observations and opinions will be only my own. Would like to thanks Aune Audio team for sending me this unit giving me the opportunity to test this product.

Build quality aune x1s very good for this price range and Aune team made a great job here, giving for sure a premium product with its aluminium chassis this model was created in conjunction with the European Industrial Design team, featuring an innovative five-sided screw-less design, a minimalist arc of beauty, a blend of technology and art. In this review I will focus more in the sound quality and synergy with some headphones and IEMs as requested by my readers, cause there a lot of articles that explains quite well its functionalities.

Most of the time I used it jus connected in USB mode to my laptop with flac 16,24 bit and DSD files and for sure it is a well upgrade in sound quality over the internal chip of my Samsung R model. If you will have some drivers problems, you can easily download their latest version from their official site. Hope they will make a x1 version compatible with the iPhone too, but from what I know, you can connect your Android device to this 10th model. SOUND: sound aune x1s very good for this price range and for sure will be a good upgrade over the internal chip of most laptops over there. Bass is quite neutral with good impact, but if you are a bass-head this is not the audio product for you. Sub bass response is quite strong and fast with good impact and decay.

Voices are well reproduced, but are more on the clean and natural side than the organic and fuller one.


Treble response is a bit emphasized, giving you good aune x1s and airy sound. The new x1s has a natural and clean approach to the music, never sounding too congested or bloated.

Review and Measurements of Aune X1S DAC & Amp Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum

Soundstage is good, but not great, but overall it will give you a high level layering and instrument separation. The x1 has a more intimate reproduction, but still, with good separation between voices and instruments in the scene. Soundstage is coherent and is able to reproduce a good amount of air and space between instruments. The rear panel hosts aune x1s the input and output options and has a nice, tidy layout with easy to read labels.

Fast roll-off 2. Slow roll-off 3. But, it still sounds plenty good in quality.


Especially not for bass heads. Physical presence and substance factor is a bit of an issue, as I feel it to be too thin feeling at times. More heft is needed on a flat EQ. Center Aune x1s Right Left Right. Table of measured characteristics Frequency response Aune X1s. Variation in frequency response in band from Hz to 10 kHz, dB. NTomokawa Active Member Feb 1, Another relatively well-engineered yet affordable that puts countless "high-end" devices to shame.Aune X1s 10th Anniversary Edition 32BIT/K DSD DAC HIFI Audiophile Headphone Amplifier. X1s 10th Anniversary Edition uses ESS K2M chip (with three filter modes), support for 32bit / K and DSD master class aune x1s playback, with the next generation of decoding. This is a review and detailed measurements of Aune X1S DAC and headphone amplifier. Somewhat unusual in this price range is the ability to just use the headphone amplifier by itself using rear RCA inputs.

It has two 3 to 4 feet cables to AC and the DAC.

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