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1941 › Page 197

It being of great consequence, upon those occasions, to know the names of persons, they were commonly attended by a nomenclator, who whispered into their ears that anio nts, wherever it was wanted. Though this kind of officer was generally an attendant on men, we meet with instances of their having been likewise employed in the service of ladies; either with the view of serving candidates to whom they were anio nts, or of gaining the affections of the people. Note return to page Not a bridge over a river, but a military engine used for gaining admittance into a fortress.

Note return to page Cantabria, in the north of Spain, now the Basque province.

Note return to page The Rhaetian Alps are that part of the chain bordering on the Tyrol. Note return to page The Vindelici principally occupied the country which is anio nts the kingdom of Bavaria; and the Anio nts, that part of Piedmont which includes the valley of Aost. Note return to page The temple of Mars Ultor was erected by Augustus in fulfilment of a vow made by him at the battle of Philippi. It stood in the Forum which he built, mentioned in chap.

There are no remains of either. Note return to page "The Ovatio was an inferior kind of Triumph, granted in anio nts where the victory was not of great importance, or had been obtained without difficulty. The general entered the city on foot or on horseback, anio nts with myrtle, not with laurel; and instead of bullocks, the sacrifice was performed with a sheep, whence this procession acquired its name. Note return to page "The greater Triumph, in which the victorious general and his army advanced in solemn procession through the city to the Capitol, was the highest military honour which could be obtained in the Roman state.

Foremost in the procession went musicians of various kinds, singing and playing triumphal songs.

Sketchbook Radio w/ Kutmah - 29th August by NTS Radio Mixcloud

Next were led the oxen to be sacrificed, having their horns gilt, and their heads adorned with fillets and garlands. Then in carriages were brought the spoils taken from the enemy, statues, pictures, plate, armour, gold and silver, and brass; with golden crowns, and other gifts, sent by the allied and tributary states. The captive anio nts and generals followed in chains, with their children and attendants. After them came the lictors, having their fasces wreathed with laurel, followed by a great company of musicians and dancers dressed like Satyrs, and wearing crowns of gold; in the midst of whom was one in a female dress, whose business it was, with his looks and gestures, to insult the vanquished.

Next followed a long train of persons carrying perfumes. Then came the victorious general, dressed in purple embroidered with gold, with a crown of laurel on his head, a branch of laurel in his right hand, and in his left an ivory sceptre, with an eagle on the top; having his face painted with vermilion, in the same manner as the statue of Jupiter on festival days, and a golden Bulla hanging on his breast, and containing some amulet, or magical preservative against envy.

He stood in a gilded chariot, adorned with ivory, and drawn by four white horses, sometimes by elephants, attended by anio nts relations, and a great crowd of citizens, all in white. His children used to ride in the chariot with him; and that he might not be too much elated, a slave, carrying a golden crown sparkling with gems, stood behind him, and frequently whispered in his ear, anio nts that thou art a man! His Legati and military Tribunes commonly rode by his side. The victorious army, horse and foot, came last, crowned with laurel, and decorated with the gifts which they had received for their valour, singing their own and their general's praises, but sometimes throwing out railleries against him; and often exclaiming, 'Io Triumphe!


The oxen having been sacrificed, the general gave a magnificent entertainment in the Capitol to his friends and the chief men of the city, after which he was conducted anio nts by the people, with music and a great number of lamps and torches. Note return to page "The Sella Curulis was a chair on which the principal magistrates sat in the tribunal upon solemn occasions. It had no back, but stood on four crooked feet, fixed to the extremities of cross pieces of wood, joined by a common axis, somewhat in the form of the letter X; was covered with leather, and inlaid with ivory. From its construction, it might be occasionally folded together for the convenience of carriage, and set down where the magistrate chose to use it. Note return to page Now Saragossa. Note return to page A great and wise man, if he is the same person to whom Cicero's letters on the calamities of the times were addressed.


Note return to page The Lustrum anio nts a period of five years, at the end of which the census of the people was taken. It was first made by the Roman kings, then by the consuls, but after the year from the building of the city, by the censors, who were magistrates created for that purpose. It appears, however, that the census was not always held at stated periods, and sometimes long intervals intervened. anio nts

Note return to page Augustus appears to have been in earnest on these occasions, at least, in his desire to retire into private life and release himself from the cares of government, if we may believe Seneca. Of his two intimate advisers, Agrippa gave this counsel, while Mecaenas was for continuing his career of ambition --Eutrop. Note return to page The Anio nts has been always remarkable for the frequency of its inundations and the ravages they occasioned, as remarked by Pliny, iii. Livy mentions several such occurrences, as well as one extensive fire, which destroyed great part of the city.

Note return to page The well-known saying of Augustus, recorded by Suetonius, that he found a city of bricks, but left it of marble, has another version given it by Dio, who applies it to his consolidation of the government, to the following effect: "That Rome, which I found built of mud, I shall leave you firm as a rock. Note return to page The same motive which engaged Julius Caesar to build a new forum, induced Augustus anio nts erect another.

1941 › Page 197

See his life c. It stood behind the present churches of St. Adrian and Anio nts. Luke, and was almost parallel with the public forum, but there are no traces of it remaining.

Sketchbook Radio w/ Kutmah - 29th August by NTS Radio Mixcloud

The temple of Mars Ultor, adjoining. Note return to page The temple of the Palatine Apollo stood, according to Bianchini, a little beyond the triumphal arch of Titus. It appears, from the reverse of a anio nts of Augustus, to have been a rotondo, with an open portico, something like the temple of Vesta. The statues of the fifty daughters of Danae surrounded the portico; and opposite to them were their husbands on horseback.

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Thomas; forwards.Trabajé como tiempo completo en NTS Communications por más de un año. Ventajas. Absolutely none. Nothing anio nts to anio nts about this. Aksel & Aino has been played on NTS in shows including Dance Music Show w/ Bell Towers, featured first on 26 March Songs played include Fading.

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