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Expressives can talk up to words a minute with gusts up to They can talk. You can buy books here.


And the big paperback book Look inside. Quick links.


You can change your ad preferences anytime. Social Style Selling Skills. Note: Most people will have major and minor type.

Identify the major type and talk to that type. Most sitcoms and dramas have each of these personality types represented. Simply speeding up your sentences and choosing when not to add detail can improve rapport considerably. Human Metrics is a web site which has all kinds of personal tests and inventories, most of them for free. Your personality is unique to you, but can be categorized into groups analytical expressive amiable related traits.

Often described as a warm person and sensitive to the feelings of others but at the same time wishy-washy. Which one drives you insane?

And, perhaps most importantly, which type of co-worker are YOU? Pump up your energy, and get them excited. Get Job Alerts and Career Advice. Ririe Hwy. In the social styles grid, low assertiveness typically has the label 'Asks'. Responsiveness Whilst assertiveness has to do with communicating to others, responsiveness is about how the person responds to the requests or demands analytical expressive amiable others on them. This dimension is sometimes also called 'sociability' or in reverse 'task focused'.

Improving Patient Counseling, Part 2: The Importance of Social Style - Hearing Review

With less concern about people they have a greater analytical expressive amiable for results and are quite pragmatic. They may also be poor collaborators and upset others with inconsiderate words and actions. Expressive people have higher assertiveness and greater responsiveness to others.

Analytical people will avoid confrontations; Amiable people will give in; Drivers will take over; Expressive people attack or get defensive. Yup, they can be impulsive, love the spotlight and are big dreamers…. Pace can be categorized as either Rapid or Measured, and Table 2 lists the general characteristics of each. Pace correlates directly with assertiveness. A rapid-paced, more assertive person is inclined to tell, rather than ask, whereas analytical expressive amiable person who operates at a more measured pace is more likely to ask than to tell. The distinction is whether an individual tends to focus primarily on people or on tasks. A task-focused person tends to control emotions and put a higher priority on achievement, whereas a people-focused person tends to express emotions and put a higher priority on acceptance. Table 3 lists some common behavioral characteristics of people in these two groups.

Social Styles

The dimensions of pace and focus intersect to define the four social style categories of the Merrill-Reid scheme—Driver, Expressive, Amiable, and Analytical—as shown in Figure 1. Brett Hardin Follow. Constantly Learning Thoughts on startups, technology, and books.I label them as analytical, driver, amiable, and expressive. Each of these personality types exhibit general characteristics, strengths, and. Analytical expressive amiable. •. Expressive. •. Amiable. •.

Analytical. These styles are defined by two behavioral variables or dimensions: assertiveness and responsiveness. Analytical.

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